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Registering for a class

How do I register for a class?



BMCC is an accredited post-secondary institution that forms part of the City University of New York system.  Since the Learning Across America program began in 2007, well over 10,000 au pairs have successfully completed their educational component through BMCC courses.


The Learning Local program allows you to attend class locally and then participate in a Cultural Hi-Ways tour to the destination you’re studying.  In choosing this option, you have the entire tour weekend to explore the destination.

BMCC’s Learning Express program allows you to study, explore and earn educational credits during the same long weekend in the city you’re studying.


Learning Local students attend 2 or 3 Sunday classes (a few courses may include a Saturday class instead).  Classes are spread out over several weeks, with a break before the tour portion of the class.


Learning Local courses take place in New York City as well as Chicago, Connecticut, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.


Learning Express courses take place in Chicago, Nashville, New Orleans, New York City, San Francisco and Washington, DC with more cities to come!  Learning Express courses offer you the opportunity to travel to an exciting American destination and take classes there. Each day students will learn in the classroom and onsite at local attractions.


BMCC partners with Cultural Hi-Ways to conduct your tour.  For details of your travel itinerary please visit the Cultural Hi-Ways website.


If you have a question about an educational course then please email or call (646.204.6865) BMCC.  If your question concerns the travel portion of a course then please email or call (800.979.1872) Cultural Hi-Ways.


Credit hours

Every au pair is required to earn 6 educational credits during their year in the United States.  For most au pair organizations, 6 credits = 72 hours.  Please check with your au pair organization so you know exactly how many hours equal 6 credits.


In the Learning Local program, the courses offered provide either 40 or 32 hours of credit.  Since 40 + 32 = 72 hours, this is a convenient way for those who love to travel to earn their educational credits for the year.

In the Learning Express program, each course offers 36 hours of credit.  Taking two Learning Express courses equals 36 + 36 = 72 hours.


To earn credits for Learning Local courses you must attend all classes and the tour as well as complete all assignments.


Registering for a class

Once you choose your course on the BMCC website, click “Add to Cart” then select “Check Out.”  You’ll then be asked to sign in to your account (or create a new one).  You’ll need a credit or debit card to pay for the class.


Tuition and tuition refunds

Tuition for Learning Local courses includes all costs associated with the class as well as the tour to the destination studied.  There are no material fees or activity fees!

Tuition for Learning Express courses include a public transportation pass to get around the city with your teacher.  Tuition also includes all costs associated with the class.  There are no material fees or activity fees!  Depending on the destination, your Learning Express course may also include accommodations on the campus of the college or university where classes are held.


Learning Local students who must cancel their course will receive a 100% refund if they notify BMCC before classes start.  They’re entitled to a 50% refund if they cancel after the first class but before the second.  There is no refund thereafter.  Please email BMCC if you need to withdraw from class or transfer to a different section.

In order to receive a full refund, Learning Express students must cancel 31 days before the first class date by sending an email to BMCC.  After that date you may still be able to receive a refund if you find a suitable replacement.


Certificates and other paperwork

If you participate in the Learning Local program, you’ll receive your certificate at the conclusion of the tour.

Learning Express students will be given a pre-assignment one week before the start of their class.  Once the student submits their final project they will be issued their certificate.  Final projects must be submitted no later than the Friday following the last day of class.

Learning Express students who require their certificate on the last day of class should contact BMCC so they can receive the details of their final project in advance.


Once you’ve successfully completed your final classroom session, BMCC will, upon request, provide you with a letter you can submit to your au pair organization that specifies how many hours of credit you’ve earned to date.


In order to get your agency or government paperwork completed, email it to BMCC.  (Your teacher can’t fill out your paperwork.)  BMCC will complete forms from your au pair agency to prove you’ve completed your course as well as Kindergeld forms in English.